Albon Charles ASTRIDGE

Date of Birth: 
6 Dec 1861
Date of Death: 
28 Jun 1950

Albon was born in Havant, Hampshire, England.

He came to NZ with his parents & brother George Henry arriving in August 1974 on the brig "Conflict".

He married his 1st wife, Martha Smith in 1882 & she died in 1889, by which time they had three children under the age of six.

He married his 2nd wife, Charlotte Taylor in 1890 & she died in 1899. They had four children, the youngest, four when she died.

He married his 3rd wife, Harriet Wilton in 1905. They had three children.

Four sons, Walter, Herbert, Henry & Norman enlisted & served in WW1. Also two son-in-laws, Walter Harris & Kenneth Baxter.

Herbert was wounded & Norman was killed in Egypt in 1916. A 1st cousin also died in WW1.

Albon was a storeman and a carrier in Wellington in the 1890's. He moved to Levin in the early 1900's and is described as a settler in the Electoral Rolls.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Albon Charles Astridge; Thomas Astridge; Harriet Fountain; Martha Smith; Charlotte Sarah Taylor; Joseph J Taylor; Elizabeth Costin; Harriet Kezia Wilton; Nun Wilton; Harriet Wilton; Harriet Martha (Terry) Astridge; Walter John Harris; Herbert Charles Astridge; Jessie Brigg; Henry Albon (Harry) Astridge; Sarah Mary (Sara) Armstrong; Albon George Astridge; Percy Albon Astridge; Irene Elva Birch; Norman William Astridge; Victor Robert Astridge; Marjorie Ivy Astridge; Walter Philip Carman; Kenneth Robert Adam Baxter; Leonard Bertram Astridge; Anne Constance Frances Plaster; John Leslie Wilton Astridge; Ellen Bingley; Ethel Jean Gibson; Edgar Arthur Probert; Albert Hay Bowen.