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Derivation of some names of places in Horowhenua.   Click

Derivation of the names of 95 of the streets in Levin. We are open to any debate over the origin of the names. We have used previous research that has been published. Click

Tiro Tiro Rd cemetery:

The first recorded burial was No 386, William Egginton:    9 Sep 1894

The first date recorded on a headstone was No 587, Eunice Prouse:    1893

The 1st burial at 'The Avenue' cemetery in Levin was in an RSA plot in 1972. The public section of the cemetery did not open until 1975.

The six Harper brothers who fought (& four died) for NZ.   Click

The Great Fire of 1898 in Levin.   Click

Henry Anstice, blacksmith of Oxford St.   Click

Harriet Bowen - a thought provoking woman.   Click

Marco Fosella - a pioneer storekeeper & character.   Click

World War 1

Many young men from the Horowhenua area lost their lives as a result of service during WW1.

A story on each one of these men is included in the book:
"Horowhenua and the Great War 1914 - 1918", published for 'Adopt an Anzac'.

Copies of this book may be obtained from linda.fletcher@xtra.co.nz

If you click on NAMES you will see the list of names of each young man, the date of their death, their age and the page no in this book.

Of the 212 men who were killed or died of their wounds:

41 were at Gallipoli
37 were at the Somme
24 were at Passchendaele
4 were at Le Quesnoy - the week before the end of the war.
The average age was 27.
There were 4 pairs of brothers, one pair of 1st cousins and one pair of uncle & nephew.