Alfred (Fred) AVERY

Date of Birth: 
1 Jan 1870
Date of Death: 
17 Jan 1927

Fred was born at Taita.

His brother, James, is also featured in these profiles.

He married Hannah Copeland (born at Lower Hutt in 1859) in 1897.

They had one adopted son & one son born to Hannah before they were married.

Hannah died in 1919 & Fred married again to a widow Agnes McComb (nee Summers).

They had a son & daughter. She had several children from her 1st marriage.

Fred started as a labourer at Taita. He was farming at Konini in 1900 & then Shannon by 1905 & then to Roslyn Rd Levin by 1911. At one point his son-in-law, Eric Shrimpton ran the Roslyn Rd farm.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Alfred (Fred) Avery, George Avery, Charlotte Tandy, Anna Maria (Hannah) Copeland, George Copeland, Susannah Wray, James George Avery, George Newport Avery, Agnes Summers, John Summers, Agnes McLean, David Nathaniel McComb, David McComb, Alfred Charles (Fred) Avery, Gwenyth Althea (Gwenneth) Washer, Ethel Charlotte Avery, Eric Ivan Shrimpton.