Alfred John JOYCE

Date of Birth: 
28 Jul 1865
Date of Death: 
24 Oct 1935

Alfred was born at Geelong, NSW, Australia.

He married Mary Ann Bowen (born at New Plymouth in 1868) in 1893. They were 1st cousins.

They had two sons & two daughters. The first two children died in infancy, one at Geelong & one at Wellington.

Alfred started out as a drapers assistant in Wellington. By 1899 he was a draper, still in Wellington. He then moved to Alexandra & Cromwell before trying farming at Taupaki. By 191 he was in Nelson as a traveller, while Mary Ann stayed in Levin, with her mother & sister.

Alfred then went farming at Omata before trying mining at Thames then as a pensioner in Auckland where he died. Mary Ann, meanwhile returned to Levin.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Alfred John Joyce, Robert James Joyce, Harriet Bowen, Mary Ann Bowen, James Robert Bowen, Mary Ann Cook, Alfred Warren Joyce, Dorothy Rita Irene Joyce, Warren Stanley Joyce, Dora Lillian Vera Curtis, Thelma Ada Mary Bowen Joyce.