Anders Severin (Andrew) JONSON

Date of Birth: 
8 Oct 1840
Date of Death: 
17 oct 1917

Andrew was born at Brattstop, Falkenberg, Sweden.

He ran away from home very early and had a very adventurous life before moving to NZ (Foxton) in 1967. (See very long obituary, Manawatu Herald 20 Oct 1917.)

His 1st marriage was to Harriet Stewart (may have been Stuart) (born in 1845) at London in 1864. They had two daughters, before she died at the young age of 29.

His 2nd marriage was to Eliza Salter (nee Murrells). The Salters were emigrating to NZ in 1874 when Jabex, the husband, died (aged 40) along with two of her very young children. All three were buried at sea. There was one surviving daughter.

Andrew & Eliza had two boys. However she died 6 days after giving birth, also at the young age of 34. (see her obituary, Manawatu Herald 7 Jun 1881.)

The 2nd boy grew up as a Hood, not Jonson, which would indicate he was adopted.

Andrew married for a third time to Elizabeth Govier. (see her obituary, Manawatu Herald 23 Aug 1937.)  They had no children.

Andrew was a carpenter and set up a business in Foxton (sash & door factory).

One son-in-law, Grahame Heard, served in WW1. He was killed in action at Ypres in 1917. He received the Military Medal (MM).

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Anders Severin (Andrew) Jonson, Jens Jonson, Anne Christina Persdotter, Harriett Phillips Stewart/Stuart, Eliza Murrells, William Murrells, Eliza Parsonson, Jabez Salter, Eliza A Salter, William Salter, Ellen Ruth Salter, Johann Adolph (John Adolf) Jonson, Elizabeth Ann Govier, Ada Sophia (Stuart) Jonson, Grahame Heard, Arthur Silvester Jonson, Linda Amanda Jonson/Jenson, Andrew George Jonson, Minnie Georgina Young, Charles Herbert Jonson Hood, Eva May Lucas.