Arthur Henry Watts (Henry) NEWSON

Date of Birth: 
c 1843
Date of Death: 
19 Apr 1920

Henry was born at Felizstowe, Suffolk, England.

He came to NZ in 1859 & served during the NZ Wars. He moved to WellingtonĀ  about 1863.

He married Sophia Dowsett (born at Hartfordshire, England in 1843) at Wellington in 1863.

They had 7 sons & 2 daughters.

Sophia died in 1898 when the youngest child was 13. He went back to England where he married Mary Nixon in 1898 & then returned to NZ.

From 1890 the family was based in Manakau where he was a labourer.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Arthur Henry Watts (Henry) Newson, Thomas Newson, Mary A Watts, Sophia Ann Dowsett, Abraham Dowsett, Ann Mead, Mary Ann Sophia Nixon, William Henry (Henry) Newson, Maria Lucy Norris, Arthur Alfred Newson, Margaret Harvey, Ellen Allen Andrews, George Henry Slatter, Thomas Julian, Alice Catherine Newson, James Henry (Henry) Butt, John Thomas Newson, Walter Newson, Florence Smith, George Herbert Newson, Florence Elizabeth Harriett Hancox, Ethel Louisa Newson, Thomas Gardner, Charles Edward Newson, Mary Ann Palethorpe, Ernest Alexander Newson, Flora Alexander De Ridder.