Date of Birth: 
21 Aug 1892
Date of Death: 
1 Jun 1975

Bryan was born at Mt Shannon, Galway, Ireland.

He married Margaret McNamara (born at Athlone, Ireland in 1854) at Dublin, Ireland in 1878.

They had five daughters & one son. The son, Bernard, served in WW1.

Bryan was in Levin by 1896 as a platelayer. He continued in that job until becoming a farmer in Cambridge St Levin in 1928.

Bryan & Margaret, between them, owned a large number of lots of railway land along Cambridge St Levin from 1903 until at least 1925.

His surname was sometimes spelled as Dinan.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Bryan Dynan, John Dynan, Margaret Mary Geoghean, Margaret Elizabeth McNamara, Norah Dynan, Douglas Campbell Waldie, Margaret Dynan, Thomas Clinton Monahan, Lizzie Dynan, Bernard Dynan, Nora Dynan, William George Wilkinson, Dorothy Mary Dunn, Annie Dynan, Michael Joseph Dalton.