David Stuart (Stuart) MACKENZIE

Date of Birth: 
1 Jun 1882
Date of Death: 
4 Mar 1952

David was born at Wellington.

He married Mabel, known as Nell, (born at Levin in 1884) in 1907.

They had four daughters & two sons.

One son, James, & two son-in-laws, Alexander Armour & Bill Hyslop, served in WW2. Both James & Alexander were POW's.

David was a dental surgeon or dentist in Levin all his working life. His son Peter took over the business when David died.

David & the family appeared on the 1905 unofficial census in connection with the Levin township petition.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
David Stuart (Stuart) Mackenzie, James Mackenzie, Margaret Elizabeth Wilmer McKenzie, Mabel Helen (Nell) Bartholomew, Peter Bland Bartholomew, Emily Roe, James Alan Stuart Mackenzie, Jean Mackinnon, Emily Margaret Mackenzie, John Howard Barnett, Sybil Bartholomew (Betty) Mackenzie, William James MacDonald, Joan Stuart Mackenzie, Alexander Hugh Armour, Peter Stuart Mackenzie, Margery Stacy Barton, Mary Stuart Mackenzie, William John (Bill) Hyslop.