Dr Henry William Dundas MACKENZIE

Date of Birth: 
24 Aug 1870
Date of Death: 
8 Oct 1937

Henry was born at Popanui.

His first marriage was to Emily Hutchinson (born in 1879) in 1900.

His 2nd marriage was to Ada Tracy (born at San Francisco in 1892) in 1920.

There were four children from the 1st marriage, 3 sons & 1 daughter.

The oldest, Henry Wallace, flew Sopwith Camels in WW1. The 2nd son, Ronald, joined the RAAF in WW2. The youngest son, Gordon, joined the RNZAF in WW2. His son-in-law, gerald Wordsworth was a member of the AIF in WW1.

Henry was a surgeon. he was in Levin from around 1899 to 1911 when he left for Auckland.

Whilst in Levin, he owned the first car and was a member of the Borough Council He also signed the 1905 township petition.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Henry William Dundas MacKenzie, Francis Andrew Wallace MacKenzie, Catherine Flora Robertson, Emily Grace Hutchinson, William Hutchinson, Harriet Hutchinson, Ada Randal Tracy, Henry Wallace Dundas MacKenzie, Marion Elizabeth (Betty) Gillies, Flora Catherine Grace MacKenzie, Gerald Hepburn Wordsworth, Ronald Melville Dundas MacKenzie, Thelma Florence May, Gordon Kenneth Dundas MacKenzie, Joyce Alexis Norwood.