Edward Irvine Groundwater COLLIE

Date of Birth: 
8 Dec 1862
Date of Death: 
16 Jan 1954

Edward was born in Banff, Scotland.

He arrived at Dunedin in Dec 1873 on the "Jessie Readman".

He married Sarah Norman (born in Hull, Yorkshire, England in 1865) at Dunedin in 1885.

They had two sons & one daughter.

The daughter, Alice, was a doctor married to Dr John Gow. They both worked in Levin, before they divorced. She moved to Wellington and then back to Levin whilst he went south. They built the house now known as Thompson House.

Edwrd was a cabinetmaker in Dunedin, then Wellington. He and Sarah retired to Bartholomew Rd, Levin around 1935 to be near their daughter.


Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Edward Irvine Groundwater Collie, William Collie, Mary Collie, Sarah Edith Reeve (Edith) Norman, John Blackburn Norman, Alice Reehab Reeve, Alice Marianne (Maysie) Collie, John Graham Gow, Mary Anne Jane Catherwood, Edward Norman Collie, Eileen Grace Cromie, Wenzel Haylett Reeve Collie, Violet Horsburgh Hailey.