Ermanno MUSSO

Date of Birth: 
29 Oct 1888
Date of Death: 
18 JUl 1962

Ermanno was born at Genoa, Italy.

He emigrated to NZ in 1907 and became naturalized in 1911.

He enlisted in Oct 1914 & served in WW1 as a sergeant.

He married Mary Boyer (born at Leicester, England in 1895) in 1922.

They had two sons & two daughters.

One son , Francis, & one son-in-law, Thomas Johnson, served in WW2.

Ermanno was a blacksmith and had a business in Ohau from at least 1911.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Ermanno Musso, Francesco Musso, Cartagenova Luigia, Mary Elizabeth Boyer, Samuel Charles Boyer, Florence Elizabeth Murgatroyd, Francis Marco Musso, Eileen Margaret Florence Gorman, Betty Elsie Musso, Thomas Henry Johnson, Dora Giuseppina Musso, Tom Douglas Armstrong, Stephen Ermanno Musso, Pamela Jill Clarke.