Ernest Alfred ELLIS

Date of Birth: 
c Jan 1873
Date of Death: 
16 Aug 1924

Ernest was born at Tower Bridge, London, England.

He married Amy Bowers (born in 1873) at Battersea, London, England in 1898.

They had four daughters, one of whom was married in England.

In the 1911 UK census he is described as a furniture porter. He also served in the Lancashire Fusiliers for nearly 8 years retiring with a disability pension.

They immigrated to NZ in June 1921. The passenger list only had his wife & three daughters on it, however his married daughter probably also came with her husband as they are both buried in NZ. He, Francis Kelsall served in WW1.

Ernest was employed as a caterer at the Central Development Farm at Weraroa from 1924. However he contrated rheumatic fever and died. His widow left to live in Wellington.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Ernest Alfred Ellis, Amy Beatrice Bowers, Amy Elizabeth Ellis, Francis Lawrenson Kelsall, Harold Henry Pearse, Edith Louisa Ellis, George Johnstone, Jessie Beatrice Ellis, William Henry Trilford, May Gorman, Winifred Ellis.