Fabiau Esme D'Aigular Coligney De LISLE

Date of Birth: 
1 Jul 1862
Date of Death: 
19 Jul 1938

Fabiau was born in Calcutta, India, as Arthur Haversleigh Thoby Prinsep.

It is not known when he changed his name.

His first marriage was to Adeline Hinder in Calcutta India in 1883.

They had three children.

His 2nd marriage was to Ada Broadbent in 1891. They did not appear to have children.

His third marriage was to Caroline Russell (nee Armsrong) in 1895.

She had two children from her first marraige & they had three daughters from this marriage. One died at infancy & one at 10 years of age. The 10 year old was buried at Tiro Tiro Rd, Levin cemetery.

Fabiau was a Journalist. He & Caroline lived in Hastings from at least 1896 to 1900. They then must have lived in Levin as she is located at Weraroa in 1911. (The daughter was buried in 1908.) He does not appear on any electoral rolls after 1900. She is described as a widow living in Wellington in 1919 & 1928, whereas he didn't die till 1938, however this was in Australia.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Fabiau Esme D'Aigular Coligney De Lisle, Arthur Haversleigh Thoby Prinsep, Henry Toby Prinsep, Grace Phoebe Sageman, Adeline Mary Hinder, Ada Broadbent, Caroline Eleanor Armstrong, John Philip Armstrong, Mary Jane Berrie, Whitworth Russell, Charles Stanley Aylwin, Ruby Lauel Grace Hyacinth Prinsep, Garnet S Prinsep, Arthur Beryl Prinsep, John Whitworth Russell, Mary Alice Anderson, Naomi Nellie Russell, Grace Phoebe De Lisle, Peter Joseph Lane, Robert Bromby, Dorothy Frances Maria Esme Dudley De Lisle, Myra De Lisle.