Francis INGS

Date of Birth: 
24 Apr 1865
Date of Death: 
21 Apr 1912

Francis was born at Cheltenham, England.

He married Jane Stephenson in 1885. (We do not know where she was born and when.)

They had one son & three daughters, the last one died in infancy. At the same time Jane also died.

Francis never remarried, despite having a very young family.

Francis emigrated to NZ in Mar 1892 arriving at Wellington. He brought with him his son (aged 4 & one daughter (aged two). The third child was left behind (as she was only 11 months old). She later came to NZ to rejoin the family when aged 16.

His son, Alfred, served in WW1.

Francis started life in NZ as a grocer in Hastings, then as a groom in Dannevirke, then a grocer again in Palmerston Nth and in Levin around 1908, before finishing up in Wellington.

He dropped dead of a heart attack in an Otaki hotel on his way back from visiting a daughter in Ormondville.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Francis Ings, Alfred Ings, Eliza Page, Jane Stephenson, Alfred Ings, Emma Katrine Roigard, Adeliza Flora Kemp, Reginald George Bennett, Kathleen Ethel (Kate) Ings, Joshua Malcolm Clark, Adelaide Ings, Charles James Bourton (James) Packer, Jane Ings.