Frederick Hugh COCKRELL Snr

Date of Birth: 
Oct 1844
Date of Death: 
5 Jul 1895

Frederick was born at Hackney, London, England.

He married Eleanor (maiden name not known, date of marriage not known). She was born at Yoevil, Somerset, England in 1851.

They had 4 daughters & two sons. Two daughters died in infancy.

The family emigrated to NZ in 1879, arriving in Wellington. Four children were born in NZ.

From their time of arrival until his death Frederick was a storekeeper in Otaki. They had one major disaster when the shop burnt down in 1885. His widow Eleanor continued to run the store until it was taken over by son William around 1911.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Frederick Hugh Cockrell Snr, Frederick Cockrell, Mary Anne Holman, Eleanor Anna Cockrell, Ethel Grace Cockrell, William Henry Clark, Harold Fredrick Ernest Cockrell, Myrtle Ella Row, Winifred Usher, Edith Anna Mary Cockrell, Emily Winifred Cockrell, Charles Hugh Cockrell, Lydia Evangeline Cockrell, James Woolley Hildreth.