Frederick William JONES

Date of Birth: 
7 Oct 1879
Date of Death: 
28 Jul 1960

It is not known where Frederick was born.

He married Charlotte Osborn (born in 1878) at Wellington in 1910.

They had one son & two daughters.

The son, Frederick W O served in WW2 and was a POW. is son was killed in the Vietnam war.

Frederick started as a bookseller in Wellington. He moved to Levin around 1911, living at Stuckey St.

He stood for the Levin Borough Council in 1919 but was not elected.

He moved back to Wellington around 1922.

All three children were born in Levin.


Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Frederick William Jones, John Stewart Jones, Annie Jones, Charlotte Alexa Osborn, William Coles Osborn, Annie Ross, Frederick William Osborn Jones, Louisa Harrison Tebault, Eleanor Margaret Vial, Annie Alexandra Jones, Stanley Vincent McEwen, Marion Campbell Burns, Marjorie Stewart Whitehead, Martha Margaret Olwen Jones.