Frederick William JUNO

Date of Birth: 
25 Jun 1893
Date of Death: 
5 Sep 1984

Frederick was born at Masterton.

It is possible that the original surname was Journeaux.

he married Ada Sansum (born at Shoreditch, London, England in 1890) in 1920, just three months after she emigrated to NZ (on her own). It is reasonable to assume that they met whilst Frederick was in the UK whilst serving during WW1.

They had four sons, all of whom served in WW2, two in the navy & one in the airforce.

Frederick was a millhand when first married. He moved to Wellington around 1925 and was a tram conductor for many years. He came to Levin as a poultry farmer (at Sussex St) around 1946, then an instructor before retiring around 1963.


Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Frederick William Juno, Philip Journeaux, Mary Wood Thoburn, Ada Elizabeth Sansum, Arthur Sansum, Elizabeth Rebecca Knight, Ronald Frederick Juno, Dorothy May Flynn, Leonard Arthur (Len) Juno, Fay Josephine Johnston, Lawrence Henry Juno, Doreen Blundell, Ian Malcolm Juno.