Fredrick Groves CHAMBERS

Date of Birth: 
29 Dec 1881
Date of Death: 
20 Feb 1914

Fredrick was born in Wellington.

He married Amy Flyger (born Melbourne, Australia in 1883) in 1903.

They had a daughter and two sons before she died at the early age of 23 only three months after giving birth to her 3rd baby.

Fedrick.then married Elizabeth Ferris (born at Wellington in 1888) in 1907. They had five children

Fredrick was a carter at Weraroa. He was killed in an accident in 1914, leaving his widow with eight children (three from the first marriage) from ages 11 to 3.

She remarried to Daniel Cole in 1915 and had another son. Daniel served in WW1.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Fredrick Groves Chambers, Groves Fredrick Chambers, Charlotte Jane Heberley, Amy Isabel Flyger, Elizabeth Alice Ferris, Daniel Francis Cole, Thelma Eileen Maude (Florence) Chambers, Clement George Henry Stewart McIntosh, Jane Helen Gohns, Frederick Charles Albert Chambers, Florence Amelia Gwinnell, Leonard Seddon James Chambers, Marjorie Jean West, William Francis Chambers, Lillian Catherine Stemmer, Violet Elleanor (Ellen) Stemmer, Alfred Ernest Butcher, Arthur Henry Chambers, Roberta Hilda O'Hara, James Wilton (Jim) Chambers, Georgina Elizabeth Elson, Muriel Rose (Dot) Lewis, Arthur Hector, Emily Elizabeth Chambers, William James Guilford, Groves Edgar (Jock) Chambers, Joycelyn Emma (Joy) Batten, Daniel Francis Jnr Cole, Margaret Annabelle Jamieson.