George DAVISON Jnr

Date of Birth: 
19 Sep 1881
Date of Death: 
22 Oct 1956

George was born in Levin.

He married Mildred Marshall (born at Islington St Mary, England in 1881) at Weraroa in 1904.

George was the son of Robert & grandson of George Snr, both of whom have their own profiles.

George & Mildred had two sons & three daughters, all born in Levin except the first which was at Shannon.

George was shown as a farmer at Weraroa from 1905 to 1919. He then moved to Northcote in Auckland as a Council employee for the rest of his life.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
George Davison, Mildred Eva Marshall, James Marshall, Resina McGhie, Clarence James Davison, Thelma Burnside McLean, Lancelot George Davison, Florence Rosina McGee, Ethel Jane Davison, Cecil Raymond Lloydd, Mildred Rosina Davison, John Smerdon (Jack) Downey, Joyce Septima Davison, William Ormond Ingham.