George Ebenezer NAISMITH

Date of Birth: 
12 Dec 1856
Date of Death: 
29 Oct 1905

George was born at Renfrew in Scotland.

He married Mary Hilliar (born at Falkirk, Scotland in c 1868) in 1885.

They had two children, one of whom died in infancy.

Mary died at the same time as her 2nd child.

George then married her sister, Cecilia (born in c 1872) in 1893.

They had two sons & 4 daughters. The first died in infancy.

After George died Cecilia married Walter Robertson in 1907 & had two more children.

During 1896 the George Jnr was enrolled in the Levin school.

George started as a brickmaker, the became a bushman for several years before becoming a clerk, Secretary & Treasurer for the Stewart Island County Council.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
George Ebenezer Naismith, Ebenezer Naismith, Elizabeth Oag, Mary Louisa Hilliar, Cecilia Hilliar, George Naismith Jnr, Mary Whelan, Harriet Naismith, Robert Charles Naismith, Elizabeth Lilly Naismith, Robert Charles Naismith (ii), Rachel Sophia Gutzewitz, Hannah Monica Naismith, Frederick Harold Patrick Graham, Cecilia Naismith, Karl Haswell Wood, William Ardelph Johnston, Louisa Margaret Naismith, John Peter McCarthy, Walter Robertson, Ellen (Nella) Robertson, Frederick Walter Johnson, William Douglas Robertson, Olive Gladys Wast.