George Thomas Elliot

Date of Birth: 
14 Mar 1880
Date of Death: 
8 Dec 1941

George was born at New Plymouth.

He married Elizabeth Wooding (born at new Plymouth in 1885) in 1909.

They had three daughters & one son.

When Elizabeth died in 1931, George remarried to Emma Barnett in 1933.

George started out as a farmer in the Tarananki region. He moved to Urenui around 1911 as a creamery manager. He then tried farming again at KioKio before moving to Levin around 1922. He was firstly a driver then a traveller.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
George Thomas Elliot, Samuel Elliot, Louise Purches, Elizabeth Ann Wooding, Richard William Wooding, Mary Paul, Emma Louisa May (Emmie) Barnett, Edward Henry Webber, Zeta Louisa Mary Elliot, Harold Ernest Cottle, Jean Elizabeth Elliot, Allan George Williams, Ina Phyllis Elliot, Brian Walden, Samuel Richard Trevor Elliot, Nancy Joyce Butt.