Gordon Peters Longden CARRINGTON

Date of Birth: 
29 Aug 1867
Date of Death: 
9 Apr 1948

Gordon was born at kensington, London, England.

He married Elizabeth Collier (born at Picton in 1873) in 1900.

They had one son. Elizabeth died at age 30 in 1903.

Gordon remarried Leah Eades (born at Palmerston Nth in 1887) at Levin in 1906.

They went on to have 9 children between 1907 & 1924 of whom one died very young.

One son, Gordon Jnr & one son-in-law Alfred Watt, served in WW2.

Gordon first appears as a contractor at Marton in 1890, then as a farmer at Fitzherbert in 1896.

He then shows up as a labourer in Levin 1900 to 1905.

After marrying Leah they move to Te Kuiti where he is a contractor. Then they move to Woodville where Gordon farms for the rest of his life.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Gordon Peters Longden Carrington, George Peters Carrington, Lucia Florence Nalder, Elizabeth Bishop Collier, William Sanson Collier, Georgiana Swift, Leah Eades, Joseph Eades, M Hannah Tanner, Lance Howarth Carrington, Thelma Doreen Dentith, Basil Promethious Carrington, Inez Salome Carrington, George Bartlett Thomasen, Dorothea Naomi (Doll) Carrington, Hector Clarence Zimmerman, Gordon Lloyd Carrington, Dorothy Edith (Dolly) Manning, Horace Virgil Carrington, Kathleen Eva Annabell, Ira Galileo Carrington, Vivienne Iolanthe Carrington, Nola Beatrice Octavia Carrington, Alfred John Watt, Phyllis Genevieve Lorraine Carrington, Ernest Clifford Mills.