Gustav Erik (Eric) MILLER

Date of Birth: 
2 Apr 1865
Date of Death: 
20 Oct 1943

Gustav was born in Sweden under the surname Hallander.

He cam to NZ on a Danish barque in 1886, deserting with two other young men, none of who could speak english.

He married Elizabeth Eliza Barnacle (born at Warwickshire in 1869) in 1888. (She is shown as Barnicott in BDM records).

They had 4 daughters & one son. The son was born in 1894, the year she died. One daughter died in her teens & one others details are not known.

In 1898 he married Edith Cooper (born at Kent in 1872). Her parent's surname was Avis.

They had three daughters & six sons. Two sons died in infancy. One is buried at Tiro Tiro Rd cemetery & the other one is buried at Karori cemetery. Details on the first two children are sketchy.

Gustav was living at the Horowhenua Village Settlement from around 1899 to 1908, described a s a settler. In 1905 he signed the Levin township petition.

By 1911 he was in Wellington as a carpenter. From 1922 Edith was not living at the same address in Wellington and was also in Auckland for some years.

Gustav retired to the Manawatu Heads by 1941.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Gustav Erik (Eric) Miller, Anders Hallander, Johanna Helena Lundgren, Elizabeth Eliza Barnacle, Henry Barnacle, Eliza Jane Gurney, Henrietta Miller, Augusta Eliza Miller, Alfred Charles Bramley, Mabel Edith Miller, Frederick Greer, Ettie Louise Miller, Colin Miller, Edith Marion Avis Cooper, George Avis, Mary Ann Cole, Helena Marion (Helen) Miller, Gustave Spencer (Gus) Miller, Edna Kathleen Miller, Patrick Augustus Burke, Eric Clinton Porter, Eric George Benjamin Miller, Jessie Kathleen Young, Cecil John Miller, Harry William Miller, Edith May Nalder, Avis Maude Miller, David Stephen Hamilton Davis, William Arthur Swan, Florence Beatrice Garrett, Reginald Howard Temple Miller, Theodore Howard Miller, Mona Kathleen Pearce