Gwyn Gypson MORGAN

Date of Birth: 
2 Oct 1911
Date of Death: 
28 Dec 1971

Gwyn was born at Levin.

He married Betty Miltoy (born at Motueka in 1915) at Levin in 1936.

They had six girls & two boys. The first died in childbirth. Six of the other seven cannot be recorded.

Gwyn started out as a Factory assistant. Around 1957 he became a carpenter. He was one of the Morgans who lived in the homestead in Roslyn Rd, Levin,

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Gwyn Gypson Morgan, David Gypson Morgan, Charlotte Louisa Adsett, Betty Grace Milroy, Frederick Lyell Milroy, Phyllis Betsy Hunter, Gwynne Morgan, Ivan Godfrey Morgan, Jocelyn Ann Morgan.