Heinrich August Karl (Carl) FRECHTLING

Date of Birth: 
29 Feb 1844
Date of Death: 
15 Feb 1924

Carl (as he was called) was born in Germany.

He married Elise Bunso (also born in Germany in 1844)

She died quite young (33) and so he married for a nd time to Bertha Klapproth (also born in Germany in 1860) in 1881.

They had two sons & one daughter. The 2nd son was born in Levin.

The son-in-law, Norman Andrews served in WW1. He lost two brothers in that conflict.

Carl was a tailor, firstly in Wellington & from at least 1905 in Levin, working with his brother in a business in Oxford St, Levin.

Carl signed the "Yes" petition in the 1905 Levin township petition.


Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Heinrich August Karl (Carl) Frechtling, Johan Heinrich Justus Fuchtenicht, Elise Dorette Bunso, Louise Theodora Frechtling, Richard Heinrich August (Henry) Frechtling, Martha Frechtling, Bertha Matilda Henrietta Klapproth, Hans Frechtling, Elizabeth Charlotte Robinson, Lily Freda (Maria) Frechtling, Norman Alexander Andrews, Dulcie Rose Andrews, Carl Frechtling, Amy Denise Barraclough, Florence Mary Churchill.