Date of Birth: 
8 Aug 1869
Date of Death: 
2 Apr 1945

Henry was born at Richmond, near Nelson.

He married Agnes Trivillian in 1897.

They had four children of whom one died in infancy.

Henry started out as a blacksmith in Palmerston Nth. By 1900 he has started his own business, as a blacksmith on Oxford St West, Levin. This is now where the Unichem Pahrmacy is.

By 1914 he has moved to Masterton & is back in the family business as a baker. He moves to Wellington as a mechanic, then a baker & finally is back in Masterton as a blacksmith, again.

Henry signed the "Yes" petition in the 1905 Levin township petition.

His brother, Edward, also features in a profile.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Henry Anstice; John Snook Anstice; Emily Brake; Agnes Trivillian; James Trevillian; Lucy Trevillian; Nina Anstice; Herbert George Gee; Madge Anstice; Alexander Lindsay Robertson; George Edward Anstice; Wilgar Mary Wade.