Henry BEVAN (Snr)

Date of Birth: 
17 Aug 1859
Date of Death: 
1 Apr 1894

Henry was born in Manakau.

He married Miriana Reone (born c 1863) in Otaki in 1882

They had 9 children, 4 girls & 5 boys.

Henry was an early settler in the Otaki area from the early 1880's until his death.

Most of the children continued to live & work in the Manakau & Otaki areas.

Three sons, Matthew, Samuel & Thomas served in WW1.

Henry also owned the section (& built one of the first shops in Levin) on the north corner of Queen St West & Oxford St from 1889 till he sold it to Basil Gardener in 1891.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Henry Bevan (Snr); Thomas Bevan; Hana Ransfield; Miriana Reone; Margaret Bevan; Robert McGillivray; Ellen Bevan; Edward Stephen Fuller; George Bevan; Martha Annie Bevan; Matthew Bevan; Frances Letford; Samuel Henry Bevan; Violet Rose Evans; Thomas Seymour (Tommy) Bevan; Lilian Maude Edwards; Ethel Emma Hickling; Ruth Bevan; Henry Bevan (Jnr); Pearl Beatrice Noble; Miriana Bevan.