Henry Butler FRANCE

Date of Birth: 
C 1865 or 1878
Date of Death: 
11 Jul 1945

Henry was born at Shropshire, England.

He married Louise Frechtling (born in Germany in 1869 or 1876) in 1894, probably in Levin where her parents lived & worked.

They had one son, George, who served in WW1 and was in the Home Guard in WW2.

Henry was a carpenter. In 1896 he is in Wellington, by 1900 in Levin. By 1928 he is now a builder at Plimmerton.

Henry signed the "Yes" petition for the 1905 Levin township petition.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Henry Butler France, Louise Theodore Frechtling, Heinrich August Karl Frechtling, Elise Dorette Bunso, George Carl France, Beryl Kate Remington.