Date of Birth: 
c 1866
Date of Death: 
25 Jun 1961

Henry was born in Switzerland.

He married Ruth Giles (nee Burnett) (born at Selwyn in 1875) at Shannon in 1904.

Ruth was first married to Samuel Giles and had two sons. Samuel was killed in an accident in 1903.

Henry & Ruth went on to have one son & two daughters. The 2nd Giles son used the Leger surname.

One son-in-law, Noel De Mey served in both WW1 & WW2. Another son-in-law, Frederick Barrett was in the Merchant Navy in WW2.

Henry signed the 1905 'Yes' Levin township petition. He also became naturalized in 1927.

He was an egg farmer, later a poultry farmer in Weraroa & then Stuckey St, Levin.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Henry Leger, Louise Leger, Marguerite Montemanni, Ruth Burnett, John Burnett, Sarah Tholler, Samuel Henry White Giles, Claude Henry Burnett Giles, Herbert Samuel Burnett (Bert) Leger, Hazel Lily Rita McKelvie, Elma Margaret Leger, Frederick Anthony Barrett, Leslie Thomas (Les) Leger, Marion Elizabeth Horn, Ethel Ruby Leger, Noel Gabriel De Mey.