Henry William (Harry) HOPE

Date of Birth: 
c 1852
Date of Death: 
10 Feb 1937

It is not known where Harry was born.

There is no information currently available on his first wife Annie King.who he married in 1875.

He married his 2nd wife Sophia Birnie (nee Windred, born in 1862) in 1910.

She had one son & two daughters from her first marriage.

Henry was shown as a householder in Wellington in the late 1870's. He then became a law clerk in Wellington until the late 1890's when he moved, firstly to Christchurch, then Auckland as a settler. He then went to live at Manly NSW, described as of independant means.

Harry owned many properties in Levin, some as an original purchaser.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Henry William (Harry) Hope, Annie King, Sophia Birnie (nee Windred), Charles Windred, Lucy Tyler Seymour, William James Birnie, Norman Knox Birnie, Lucy Isabel Birnie, Eva Florence Birnie.