Horatio Charles DUDDING

Date of Birth: 
11 May 1880
Date of Death: 
30 Jan 1942

Horatio was born at Oxford, near Christchurch.

He married May Wealleans (born at Bulls in 1879) at Hunterville in 1899.

They had six daughters & six sons.

Horatio was a cook at Hunterville when he married. He moved to Levin by at least 1905 through to 1914.

He then moved to Feilding as a baker, then 1919 to Stratford and 1935 to Hawera.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Horatio Charles Dudding, Charles Dudding, Elizabeth Jackson, May Emily Wealleans, James William Wealleans, Dinah Mary Ann Doggett, Ursula Elizabeth Dudding, Leonard Victor Julian, Horatio George (George) Dudding, Elsie Josephine Griffin, Eileen May Dudding, Harry Charles Hawke, Iola Dudding, Raymond Charles Dudding, Mary Jane Vickers Wright, Ernest Charles Dudding, Winifred Jessie Hinton, Clarence Henry Dudding, Olive Estelle Webby, Marjorie Gwendoline King, Martha Grindley, Thomas Holness Davey, Mavis Alice Dudding, William John McGonigle, Frank Comet Dudding, Peggy Constance Maule, Rita Annie Dudding, John Tristram Waller, Joyce Emily Dudding, Albert William Appleyard, Claude Hamilton Dudding, Frances Georgina Trilford.