Date of Birth: 
7 Feb 1841
Date of Death: 
8 Jun 1913

Ivor was born at Monmouthshire, Wales.

Ivor travelled to NZ with his brother Robert, arriving in Jan 1863 on the "Caingoram".

He married Mary Howe (born at Wellington in 1843) at Wellington in 1866.

They had six sons & five daughters. One son died in infancy.

Ivor held freehold land in Wellington from 1871. In 1880 he was a carter then became a storeman. He moved to Levin (Weraroa area) around 1899 as a farmer.

He, along with two sons-in-laws, (Thomas Poad & William Wilson) signed the 1905 Levin township petition.

A daughter-in-law, Catherine James (nee Smith) owned a property in Town Block 1, Section 6.


Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Ivor James, Williams James, Eliza Phelps, Mary Ann Howe, John Howe, Mary Elizabeth Mace, William Ivor James, Sarah Watson, William Waters, Elizabeth James, William Birrell Pringle, Ellen Cordelia James, Thomas Owen Poad, Frederick Henry James, Alice Mary James, John Coates Thomas, Violet Emily Ada Maria Earl, John Howe James, Clara Tantrum, John Tuxford Woodmass, Arthur Phelps James, Catherine Isabella Watkins, Amy Rebecca James, William Henry Wilson, Albert Edward James, Susan May Hill, Mary Elizabeth Ann Grant, Owen Gwyn Thomas, Robert Brownlie Johnstone, Glawdys James, Walter Llewellyn James.