Date of Birth: 
5 Nov 1831
Date of Death: 
3 Apr 1914

James was born at Southwark, London, England.

He immigrated to NZ, arriving in Wellington in Feb 1855.

He married Frances Read (born at Lincolnshire, England in 1841) at Blenheim in 1858.

They had 5 sons & nine daughters all born in Blenheim. Two sons & one daughter died very young.

James wa a farmer, builder & carpenter in Blenheim. He was made bankrupt in 1875.

He moved to Levin in 1905 as a carpenter then Palmerston Nth.

James was on the unofficial census for the 1905 Levin township petition, shown as a carpenter with three people in total & two buildings.

A son-in-law Robert Brewster also features in a profile. Two daughters, Elizabeth & Ethel married the same man, after Elizabeth died.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
James Howard, James Howard (Snr), Martha Wilmott, Frances Read, Richard Read, Mary Brown, James William Howard, Martha Howard, Robert Lowe Brewster, Elizabeth Howard, Christopher Lethbridge Goodman, George Howard, Hannah Tozer, Amy Ada Rowe, Caroline Lowe, Thomas Davies, Richard Howard, Mary Howard, Mary Frances Howard, Henry Masters, Phoebe Howard, Ralph Simmons Fredericks, Bessie Howard, William Henry Humphreys, William (Willie) Howard, Lucy Ethel Lucas, Ethel Louisa Howard, Bertha Fanny Howard, Fred Collin, Gertrude Howard, Herbert Leslie Bowman, Leonard Wilmot Howard, Pearl Alethea McLachlan.