Date of Birth: 
c 1857
Date of Death: 
22 Nov 1937

James was born in Scotland.

He married Josephine Kemp (nee Tocker) (born at Melbourne in 1861) in 1900.

Her first husband died at age 48 in 1894, leaving her with three young children.

James & Josephine had two daughters.

George was a labourer for much of his working life, finally becoming a farmer around 1925.

He was a Secretary of the Levin Fire Brigade and he & Josephine had much to do with the local Temperance Society.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
James McTaggart, Josephine Elizabeth Tocker, William Henry Tocker, Jane Hilliard, George Kemp, Marion McTaggart, Morton lLeslie James Clark, Vera Gladys O'Brien, Ruby Constance McTaggart, Harold David Judd.