James William Jeffery JACOB

Date of Birth: 
25 Apr 1898
Date of Death: 
14 Feb 1980

James was born at Wellington.

He married Irene Williams (born at Mauriceville in 1898) at Wellington in 1918.

They had one daughter.

James served in WW1. It's iroinc that his birthday is now celebrated as Anzac day.

James wa a baker by trade. He started in Levin and then several years in Onga Onga before returning to Levin in 1928.

Irene was the daughter of Arthur Williams of the William Tearooms in Oxford St, Levin. James & Irene bought that business and then were bought out in the late 1940's by Woolworths. They then bought Carmichaels (butcher) and remained in that business until James retired around 1969.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
James William Jeffery Jacob, James William Jeffery Jacob (Snr), Eliza Maud A Davis, Irene Florence Williams, Arthur Louis Williams, Clara Jane Rowell, Doreen Joyce Jacob.