Johan Gustav (Jan) AANENSEN

Date of Birth: 
12 Aug 1852
Date of Death: 
15 Nov 1908

Jan was born in Norway.

He married Caroline Pooley (Born at St Agnes, Corwall, England in 1863) in 1888.

She had one son out of wedlock.

They had two daughters & four sons. Two died in infancy.

After Jan died Emilly married another two times.

Two half brothers, James & Carl, served in WW1.

Jan was a labourer at Mangatainoka.

One son, Sevlin (known as Suff) was a sharemilker & farmer in the Kuku/Ohau area before becoming a welldriller. His children were well known in Levin.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Johan Gustav (Jan) Aanensen, Aaanen Tobias Johnsen, Elen Marie Torsdatter, Caroline Emily (Carline) Pooley, John Pooley, Rosevia Sprague, Christen Christensen, Henry Holdem, James Henry Pooley, Lizzie Hill, Rosina Christina Aanensen, Charles John Herion, Engeburg Odina Josephine Aanensen, John Teedor Albert Aanensen, Olaf Aanensen, Carl Johan Aanensen, Sevlin Christian (Sullivan) Aanensen, Daphne Ida Isobel Hunter, Keith John Aanensen, Ailleen Alice Mullan, Reay Sevlin (Ray) Aanensen, Rex James Aanensen, Albert Roland Aanensen, Alison Aanensen.