John Archibald HINDS

Date of Birth: 
c 1868
Date of Death: 
14 Nov 1914

It is not known where John was born.

He married Elizabeth. We do not know anything more about her, including her maiden name or when & where born.

When John died she remarried Bart O'Brien (born at Hokitika in 1894) in 1921.

John & Elizabeth had three sons (one died very early) & one daughter.

John was a labourer in Weraroa from around 1905 to 1908. he moved to Ohakune as a bushman & the Wharepuhinga as a farmer where he died.

John and his family were on the 1905 unofficial census for the Levin township petition. He was shown as a labourer with 4 people in total & 2 buildings.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
John Archibald Hinds, Elizabeth Hinds, Bart Lloyd O'Brien, Bartholomew Lloyd O'Brien, Fanny Beamish White, Eric Frederick Hinds, Annie Jean (Nancy) Dawson, Robert Arthur Hinds, Jane Graemes Hill, Alice Eleanor Hinds, Gavin Maurice Davies, John Archibald Hinds (Jnr).