John Benjamin LEWIS

Date of Birth: 
22 May 1854
Date of Death: 
26 May 1947

John was born at Monmouthshire, Wales.

He emigrated to NZ, arriving at Napier in Jan 1878.

He married Isabella Paul (born at Dumbarton, Scotland in 1853) at Napier in Feb 1878).

They had six sons & four daughters. One son dies as an infant. A son, Robert died of wounds suffered at the Somme in WW1. Another son, Albert, also served and was wounded.

Another son died in a mental hospital, another died at age 30, drowned saving a dog. Two of the children married Shaw siblings

John was a labourer in Gisborne (where most of the children were born) before moving to Levin around 1905. He & the family are recorded on the unofficial census in Levin in 1905. By 1911 he was a farmer in Upper Hutt before moving to Hamilton. By 1938, after Isabella has died, he has become a missionary/evangalist worker.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
John Benjamin Lewis, Benjamin Lewis, Mary Phillips, Isabella Dewar Paul, John Paul, Isabella Dewar Young, John Benjamin Lewis (Jnr), Mary Isabella Lewis, William Read, William Lewis, Jemima Walker (Minnie Jamasima) Lewis, John Joseph McGuinness, Temple Jane Lewis, Frederick John Dewdney, Ernest Lewis, Robert Lewis, Margaret (Maggie) Lewis, Samuel Fergus (Fergus) Shaw, Alexander Lewis, Albert Lewis, Ann Jane (Cissie) Shaw.