John Dennis BARNETT

Date of Birth: 
16 Feb 1870
Date of Death: 
25 Jan 1937

John was born at Dunedin.

He married Helen Page (born at Suffolk, England in 1872) at Wellington in 1896.

They had three daughters & two sons. Two of the children were born in Levin.

One son, Alfred, served in WW2. Two son-in-laws, William McCulloch & Arthur Crichton served in WW1. Arthur also served in WW2.

John started as a jeweller in Wellington. Around 1899 he was at Manakau as a settler, then back to Wellington as a watchmaker, then in Levin 1902 & then Wanganui in 1905, still as a watchmaker. Around 1919 he moved to be a masseur. When he left for Auckland around 1925, Helen moved to Eastbourne.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
John Dennis Barnett, Alfred Abraham Barnett, Julia Joshua, Helen Page, Eileen Margaret Julia Barnett, William Ross McCulloch, Helen Esther Barnett, Donald Wilson, Enid Hilda Barnett, Alfred Arnold Barnett, Margaret Agnes Grace Hillier, Arthur William Crichton, Malcolm Clive Barnett, Audrey Helen Amy Phillips.