John Edmund LEESON

Date of Birth: 
14 Oct 1864
Date of Death: 
15 Jul 1941

John was born at Rugby in Warwickshire, England.

He married Mary Seales (born at Christchurch in 1877) at Levin in 1900.

They had four girls & four boys. One daughter died in infancy. Another daughter died in her 20's not long after getting married.
The first two children were born in Levin. One son, Ted, served in WW2.

John started out as a labourer at Tokomaru before moving to Levin to be a fruiterer around 1896. He moved to Morrinsville to be a farmer around 1905.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
John Edmund Leeson, John Edmund Leeson (Snr), Elizabeth Goode, Mary Seales, Mark Seales, Mary Jane Pulley, Mary Elizabeth Leeson, Alfred Barnett, Margaret Bertha Leeson, Mark Leeson, Violet Linda Andrews, Lilian Marie Leeson, Joseph Roy Kelly, Rose Winifred (Winnie) Harland, John Leeson, Ruby Evelina Moselen, George Seales Leeson, Thelma Franklin Smith, Eleanor Leeson, Edward James (Ted) Leeson, Avis Annabel Seales.