John Grant BISHOP (Snr)

Date of Birth: 
14 Nov 1858
Date of Death: 
12 Aug 1925

John was born in Baringhup, Victoria, Australia.

He married Catherine Fraser (born in Ontario, Canada) in Feilding in 1883.

They had one son (born in Levin) & one daughter.

John started working life as a carpenter in Feilding, then became a benchman. By 1890 he was in Levin as a benchman still. By 1911 he was in Auckland as a grocer.

John signed the "Yes" petition in the 1905 Levin township petition.

He also owned a 10 acre block of land (from 1889 to 1901). This was Block 34 which was bounded by MacArthur St, Queenwood Rd, Hobson St & Gardener St.


Relatives mentioned in profile: 
John Grant Bishop (Snr); Robert Bishop; Margaret Taylor; Catherine Fraser; Donald Fraser; Margaret MacGregor; Margaret Jean (Maggie) Bishop; Philip Horace Goldsmith; John Robert (George) Jensen; Ada Brunskill; John Grant Bishp (Jnr).