John James HANSON

Date of Birth: 
c 1866
Date of Death: 
23 Mar 1946

John was born at Bethnal Green, London.

He came to NZ with his parentsĀ  (Samuel Peter & Eliza) & siblings. They were initially "Hansen" and changed to "Hanson".

He married Rosina Aldridge (born at Maidenhead, Berkshire, England in 1873) in 1892.

They had five sons & three daughters. They were all born in Levin. The eldest, Clarence was killed in WW1. Another, Alfred also served in WW1 & another Louis served in WW2.

John was a sawmiller in Levin from at least 1890 through to 1905. He then moved to Waipukurau as a farmer.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
John James Hanson, Samuel Peter Hanson, Eliza (Nellie) Begg, Rosina Aldridge, William Henry Aldridge, Emma Butler, Clarence James Hanson, Alfred George Hanson, Laura Annie Murchison, Ellen Rosina Hanson, Richard Davey, Sidney Manfred Hanson, Frances Nellie Syme, Myra Stella Eleanor Hanson, Howarth Duckworth, Louis Edward Brown Hanson, Irene Gwendoline Derry, Brenda Marion Hanson, George Thomas Davey, William Henry Hanson, Katherine Jean Streater.