John Robert BOVEY

Date of Birth: 
19 Sep 1867
Date of Death: 
18 Jul 1944

John was born at Nelson.

He married Elizabeth McPhun (born at Wellington in 1867) at Welington in 1900.

They had two sons & one daughter.

John started out as a farmer in the Stoke (Nelson) area until 1902 when he moved to Wellington as a labourer and gas stoker. He then moved to Levin around 1911 still as a gas stoker. The family lived in Exeter St.

Around 1919 he moved to Hawera & Auckland as a labourer & finally to Wanganui as a gardener.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
John Robert Bovey, John Bovey (Snr), Elizabeth Stud Greaves, Elizabeth Caroline McPhun, William Henry McPhun, Sarah Anne Buckeridge, William Henry Bovey, Dulcie Dobson Salman, Albert John Bovey, Vera Alma Nina Mosen, Alice May Bovey, Leslie Wallace Packer.