John William FARLAND

Date of Birth: 
12 Jul 1882
Date of Death: 
12 Sep 1931

John was born at Malvern, North Canterbury.

He married Evelyn Gahagan (born at Christchurch in 1883) in 1906.

They had one daughter.

John died relatively early (at age 49). His widow married a widower James McMahon.

John started out as a railway labourer & then became a traveller.

From at least 1918 to 1921 he ran a picture theatre in Oxford St (next to the old Chronicle building), called Farland's theatre.or Cosmos Picture Theatre.

From Levin he went back to Christchurch & then to Auckland managing theatres.

His youngest brother, Charles, was killed in 1918 in France.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
John William Farland, James Farland, Elizabeth Donald Peterkin, Evelyn May Gahagan, Benjamin Gahagan, Mary Ann Taylor, James Henry McMahon, Josephine Rachel McGuire, Rita Evelyn May Farland, Guy Stephen Jarvis.