Kenneth Hamilton BROOKER (Ken)

Date of Birth: 
12 Jun 1914
Date of Death: 
28 Aug 2003

Ken was possibly born in Lower Hutt.

He married Joan Newton (born at Dunedin in 1923) at Lower Hutt in 1946.

They had children, however at this stage we cannot yet identify them.

Kenneth served in WW2. He became the 12th President of the Levin RSA.from 1981 - 1986

He started life as an agent in Lower Hutt, then as an employment officer & then a clerk.

Around 1963 he moved to Levin as a grocer. By 1969 he was again a clerk until he retired.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Kenneth Hamilton Brooker, Henrick Arthur Brooker, Teresa Fitzgerald, Joan Lillian Newton.