Lewis (Louis) MUDGWAY

Date of Birth: 
21 Oct 1869
Date of Death: 
27 Oct 1954

Lewis was born at Johnsonville. From 1893 to 1908 he was shown in the Electoral Rolls as Louis.

He married Mary Hawkins (bornat Greymouth in 1872) at Wellington in 1892.

They had 6 sons, one of whom died in infancy. Two were born at Otaki, one at Shannon & one at Levin.

Two sons, Herbert & Alick, served in WW1.

Lewis was a labourer from 1893 to 1908 in Ohau & Levin, before moving to Te Aroha & Tararu as a farmer.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Lewis (Louis) Mudgway, Charles Mudgway, Frances Sunnex, Mary Hawkins, James Hawkins, Annie Hawkins, Charles Mudgway, Emily Ashworth Fielden, Herbert Lewis Mudgway, Jessie Allen, Alick Mudgway, Elsie Florence McDonald, Clara Helen Hoggard, Alan Edgar Laslett, Royston Albert Mudgway, Claude Mudgway, Roysten William Mudgway, Hannah Beatrice May.