Ludwig Robert Otto (Otto) KOBERSTEIN

Date of Birth: 
26 Aug 1867
Date of Death: 
22 May 1950

Otto was born in Germany.

He married Maud Cuff (born at Marton in 1878) at Marton in 1911.

They had one daughter.

Otto was a settler then farmer in Feilding & Oroua Bridge from around 1896 to 1911. Then for a short time was a coal merchant in Wellington. He moves to Levin as a farmer around 1919, then is shown as a draper then as a labourer in Levin until about 1931. He then became a farm manager in Palmerston Nth.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Ludwig Robert Otto (Otto) Koberstein, Maud Elizabeth Cuff, Edwin Cuff, Catherine (Kate) Masterson, Catherine Cuff (Kathy) Koberstein, Douglas Neville Gray.