Peter Leslie ARCUS (Snr)

Date of Birth: 
22 Mar 1861
Date of Death: 
18 Oct 1951

Peter was born in Lerwick, Shetlands.

He immigrated along with his brother, Lawrence (see his profile) & parents, in 1875 on the ship "Avalanche".

He married Ellen Howan (born in Foxton) in Foxton in 1895.

They had four children.

Peter was a carpenter in Wellington in 1880. He then moved to Ohau as a farmer in 1896. However by 1900 he was back as a carpenter in Levin.

By 1919 he was back in Ohau as a farmer, then in Levin by 1928 as a settler, and by 1946 back to being a carpenter.

Ellen was a voluntary teacher at Muhunoa East school between 1917 & 1919.

Two sons, Colvin & Peter (Jnr) served in WW1 both enlisting on the same day in 1915.

Both Peter & Ellen signed the "Yes" petition in the 1905 Levin township petition.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Peter Leslie Arcus (Snr); Lawrence Arcus II; Johannan (Joan) Smith; Ellen Jane Howan; Samuel Howan; Ellen Jane Oakley; Colvin Howan Arcus; Mona May Parkin; Dorothy Ida Parkin; Peter Leslie Arcus (Jnr); Eunice Roydhouse Bell; Gilbert Tulloch Arcus; Isabella Gordon McGowan; Vera Marjorie Arcus.