Philip (Journeaux) JUNO

Date of Birth: 
c 1845
Date of Death: 
6 Jun 1917

Philip was born at Jersey in the Channel Islands.

He married Fanny Journeaux in 1870 & they both cam to NZ in 1874. Her name never appears again in any NZ records.

He married Mary Thoburn (born at Durham, England in 1859) in 1886.

They had five sons & one daughter. One son died in infancy.

All four sons served in WW1. George, the oldest died at Gallipoli. William, the youngest died at the Somme. (Son Frederick has his own profile.)

For all his working life Philip was a blacksmith in Masterton.

Philip died in strange circumstances, drowning in a creek after attending the races at Otaki. (See the Manawatu Standard 9 Jun 1917.)

It appears that his widow Mary remarried to a Henry Carroll, who also served in WW1. What happened to her after he died is not known.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Philip (Journeaux) Juno, Philip Juno (Snr), Jane Juno, Fanny Journeaux, Mary Wood Thoburn, Dorson Thoburn, Elizabeth Wood, Henry Joseph John Carroll, George Lawson Thoburn Juno, Georgina Juno, Arthur Charles Gunther, James Arthur Juno, James Arthur Juno (ii), Florence Isabelle Willoughby, Frederick William Juno, William Henry Philip Juno.