Rafaelo ALFANO

Date of Birth: 
c 1893
Date of Death: 
1 Apr 1945

Rafaelo was born in Italy.

He married Elizabeth Sharkie (born at Dunedin in 1896) in 1917.

They had three daughters.

Two son-in-laws Harold Wilton & Francis Waller, served in WW2. Harold was a POW but escaped in May 1945.

Rafaelo was a fisherman at Island Bay in Wellington. At one point (1925) he ran a fish shop in Oxford St, Levin. The shop was destroyed by fire.

By 1946 Rafaelo was a commercial gardener in Nelson where he remained until he died.

Relatives mentioned in profile: 
Rafaelo/Rafuelo Alfano, Pasquala Alfano, Rosa Gervali, Elizabeth Agnes Ina Sharkie, James Arthur Sharkie, Mary Finlay McAdams, Carmelina Rosa Alfano, Harold Russell Wilton, Olive Maria Alfano, Francis Joseph George Waller, Valerie Alfano, Rex Ernest Davis.